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Explore how to navigate and access Audio Books, use our custom header, and easily find content through Footer links. Discover how to utilize our mobile website application and effortlessly share the word of God on social media. Dive deeper into the profound teachings and grow closer to God each day. Start your journey now! Unlock spiritual treasures, enhance your experience, and connect with us on this transformative quest.
- To learn more about Holy Bible, click on the "Books of the Bible" on the Top of Home page.​
- To learn about Old or New Testament, click on the Heading.​
- To learn about different categories, click on the category name.​
- To go to the audio Bible book, click on the Book name.​
- To listen to the audio book, click on the play button on the inbuilt player.​
- To change the chapter of book, click on the chapter that you wish to play. Or you can use the arrow keys next to the play button to skip to the next/previous chapter​.
- To go the next/previous book, use the buttons on the bottom of the book introduction section.
- To share the Audio Bible on social platforms use the icons on the bottom of the book description
- To access the accessibility menu tap on the top left accessibility icon. You can also access accessibility menu by pressing Control+U or Command+U.
- To access the website in dark mode tap on the top right dark mode icon.
- To open Book selector, click on the Bible icon on the header
- To go to main website's homepage, click on the Star icon on the header
- To get email about daily Bible reading plans, enter and submit your email on the submission form in the Footer.
- Follow "Quick Links" to navigate to the Main Homepage, About page, Contact, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer of the website in the Footer.
- Follow "Services" to navigate to the Language selection, YouTube page and Spotify (soon) page of the website in the Footer.
- Follow "Connect" to navigate to the Testimonies reading and sharing page, Joining us page by entering your information and Donation page in the Footer.
- To donate for the development of the project , click on the Helping hands icon on the header
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