the book of church history

The Church History

The New Testament contains one book of history, which is the book of Acts. This book tells the story of the early Christian church, beginning with the ascension of Jesus and continuing through the missionary journeys of the apostles, the growth of the church, and the spread of the gospel throughout the Roman Empire.

The book of Acts is an important historical record of the early years of Christianity, providing insights into the beliefs, practices, and struggles of the early church. It offers a vivid and compelling account of the courage and dedication of the apostles and early Christian leaders, as well as the opposition and persecution they faced from religious and political authorities.

the book of acts


Follow the early Christian Church's journey and the spread of the gospel in the Book of Acts. This book recounts the empowering of the Holy Spirit, the missionary journeys of the apostles, and the birth and growth of Christian communities.

Overall, the book of Acts is an essential part of the New Testament, providing a rich and detailed account of the early history of Christianity and the remarkable people who helped to shape it.