Major Prophets

the books of Major Proohets

The books of the Old Testament from the Holy Bible is mainly divided into 5 sections. In this fourth section the “Major Prophets”; various books offer messages of hope and redemption in the face of suffering and despair, and continue to be an important source of spiritual and cultural inspiration today.


Unveil the captivating visions, prophecies, and stories of Daniel and his companions in the Book of Daniel. This book showcases their unwavering faith in the midst of persecution and reveals God’s sovereignty over empires and the ultimate triumph of His kingdom.


the book of ezekiel

Enter the visionary world of Ezekiel, a prophet called to proclaim God’s judgment and restoration. The Book of Ezekiel unveils powerful imagery, symbolic acts, and divine revelations, emphasizing the need for repentance and the promise of future restoration.


the book of lamentations

Mourn with the author of Lamentations as he grieves the destruction of Jerusalem and the exile of God’s people. This poetic book expresses deep sorrow and laments, yet also conveys a message of hope and trust in God’s compassion.


the book of jeremiah

Experience the prophetic ministry of Jeremiah, the weeping prophet, in the Book of Jeremiah. This book warns of impending judgment, calls for repentance, and reveals God’s enduring love and faithfulness even in the midst of chaos.


Encounter the powerful prophecies and messages of hope in the Book of Isaiah. This prophetic book addresses Israel’s rebellion, foretells the coming of the Messiah, and offers comfort, redemption, and the promise of restoration.